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    [MOD] Wing Commander - Alliance - SOASE Rebellion 1.85

    Data form "Waypoint!" and Wing Commander Encyclopedia F-106A Piranha - Scout Fighter Mission/Role: FORCAP, escort, recon. Intended as a short-ranged, lightweight escort and reconnaissance fighter, the Piranha sacrifices shield, armor, and firepower for maneuverability and acceleration. A...
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    [MOD] Wing Commander - Alliance - SOASE Rebellion 1.85

    Ever since Conquest:Frontier Wars I have been looking for a game like this. Even the Sins game is great for the WC universe. For the canon stuff there is really A TON of material and this is the perfect place to find it. The one thing I would recommend is a slow ship speed in order to really...
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    Star Wars IV A New Hope question

    Yes! he does! hehe In the Clone Wars cartoon it's seen more clearly... Anakin gets a wound in sort of the shape of an "s" from the eyebrow to the cheek :cool:
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    WC Prophecy multiplayer

    Hello there... I'm arround, and could play a few rounds ;) I know, 2 hours late, but I'll check back and see if anyone is here later. Edit. By the way, if anyone wants to arrange a meeting, you can just PM me with date and time ;)
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    WC Prophecy multiplayer

    Hello there... It's been a wile since I logged in here, but since I have some free time now, I'd be up to fly a few rounds... I think I still have the game on my pc :P
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    Concordia's Bad Day

    Nice work :D... Is that another carrier I see on the background? :confused:
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    WC:CD Originals...

    I was looking for it, but no luck so far
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    What does the acronym CSS stand for?

    I can't remember the word in English, but I was talking about *maybe* corvettes and frigates as support ships for militia units on important systems... I don't know, something on the line of Tanfen frigates on HTL (I know it's fan made) Some local government capable of fielding small...
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    Hello, and Thanks!

    Sounds great... Maybe I'll give it a try I have a question about haliwali's mission... I mean, I was unable to really play it because it lagged like hell... Is it something about the mission or something else... The other missions run just fine
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    What does the acronym CSS stand for?

    Maybe, but even the cops use armored trucks when the S*** hits the fan
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    Hello, and Thanks!

    You have a mission? More than I can say for myself :D
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    A new way of looking at WC guns

    Maybe you could make an experiment on it
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    My Carrier Rendering

    I undestand, but 15 ships are a little off for flying in combat, as usually yo fly in pairs... Maybe you could round the squadrons and then fill the gaps with refulling, SAR and SWAC ships
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    What does the acronym CSS stand for?

    What about patrol ships, like corvettes and frigates?... Even Pirats seem to have small cap ships
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    So is this it?

    We could flip a Dralthi and dance on top of it :D Edit: We would have to BUILD the dralthi, but that's fine too hehe