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    Wing Commander Makes History (April 23, 2017)

    Link is broken...
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    Goodbye, Mary Bellis (June 2, 2015)

    Having dealt with amiga sculpt 3d, I have to say that her work is definitely impessive. It was a very dificult software to get good results, and I remember being frustrated by it multiple times. More than just impressive work, anyone who has taken a good look at the ships blueprints and the ray...
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    Possible To Love Just One Wing Commander?

    Actually my first Wing Commander 3 play session was on a PS2 with a copy of the Ps1 Wing Commander 3 (in 2001 if I remember correctly)... I admit it was interesting but ultimately unremarkable experience at that time. Now that's something I would be on board with!!
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    The MT-32 VS The Amiga

    The first version I saw (briefly) of wing commander was on 286 -16mhz and ega display and pc speaker (no music - probably was disabled by default by my mate), and I wasn'nt overly impressed. But I knew that a VGA and an ADLIB would make that game shine. I saw the pics on the magazines so I...
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    Short But Sweet Profile Shows Love For Amiga WC (July 22, 2016)

    Actually having more than just 1 mb of memory (1.5 mb) would get you pretty much every option available in the game. I also have read somewhere that at least 1mb had to be chip memory (which I don't believe, but it would naturally make some swapping gfx between mems unnecessary I guess). But to...
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    LOAF Fixes an Amiga (or: ¡Hola Amigas!)

    Bump!... Did you play the Amiga version? Have you managed to get the WC CD32 version working? Anything?...
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    LOAF Fixes an Amiga (or: ¡Hola Amigas!)

    Any developments on the Amiga WC front?
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    My Wing Commander 1 Models

    Really lovely stuff... Just added an entry to my blog regarding your WC1 models: And now for something completely diferent... Very good work... And if someone ever does a WC1 remake that's the way I would like to see...
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    LOAF Fixes an Amiga (or: ¡Hola Amigas!)

    As for the CD-ROM transfer: were those tips helpful? Don't forget to post a video about your experience on WC gameplay... Oh by the way one thing I confirmed yesterday - the CD32 version has more sound than the Amiga Version.
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    Amiga music available

    Thanks Mark! Too much media hype I guess... Anyway, it would be nice to have In-game speech on the CD-32 version. The media would have enough space for that... As for the cut-scenes I wouldn't mid if the subtitles were present, and/or there was the option to turn off speech in those...
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    Amiga & PC Wing Commander & Secret Missions Longplays

    I guess you got the best underlining feeling description. In game you're totally immersed into it, and WC Amiga soundtrack really made some moments more intense (sometimes overly intense), you didn't need to constantly look onto the cockpit instruments - you knew when those shield were a goner...
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    Arjak's Combat Log

    I did some intentional failing to get to fly with Maniac (In Brimstone), but no matter I tried, the challenge become more of an annoyance than anything else. I will always hate this smart-ass as wingman in WC1! The guy ignores any order, jumps on target as soon as it is on radar... He...
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    Amiga music available

    I found this thread that mentions Amiga Sierra Games supporting MT-32... And what a shock, it seems it appeared in a magazine (at some stage of development) the possibility of Amiga supporting MT-32! It mentions 4 disks and 32 colours, so one would believe that they were in middle stage...
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    Amiga music available

    Well if one takes into account Ultima V and VI, it's understandable statement. Although they were nothing like Westwood Associates (later studios), Lucasfilms (laster LucasArts) or Dynamix regarding Amiga expertise development, they sure were nothing like SIERRA (awfull washed out Amiga ports...
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    Watch the Amiga Demo at Pix's (March 6, 2012)

    I've already run the WC demo on the WinUAE. It's a very strange setup, but I'll try to do a video of it (I'm not sure but I believe it has sound - could be wrong here). One thing worth mentioning, that many WC fans are getting the wrong idea about the port. Yes it's right it only uses 16...