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    WC3 reference, totally rad...

    It's been awhile since i've posted on here, but i got all excited when I heard WC3 referenced on the Totally Rad Show over at revision3. It's not much of a reference but thought i'd mention it. Also it's a couple of weeks old so this might have been posted, if sorry...
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    To the PETA...

    simpsons rip-off
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    confed Helmet

    LOAF and i also have the Pilgrim Cross knife from the movie, but they are reproductions. i think they r still availible on ebay...
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    The Word Game

    Ding (Rainbow Six)
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    what if they made a Wing Commander MMORPG?

    MMORPG will be the death of the internet. after watching jay and silent bob strike back, and learn of the true use of the internet, i now know that man-kind is doomed. (sarcasm) i think a mod of freelancer online would kick ass, good thing one is already in the works :cool:
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    ks probs with xp

    get directx9 and then run dxdiag. run the directdraw tests. post results
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    WCP - Unable to Land

    reload the game there was something wrong with the install
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    The Word Game

    con trails
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    End United Nations tyranny inside the U.S.

    No, no, it's really not -- it's like chocolate mousse, but in a pie. Please put my vote down for lemon marangue pie, though.
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    difficult situation

    or maybe... she was playing hard to get, and it back fired on her, or maybe it was sudden, out-of-nowhere asked to her. i know the hard to get thing happened to me, only NOW im glad i told her i wasn't interested, nut case there too. but if u only asked once, and it came out of left field...
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    difficult situation

    congratulations, u've just described every 20-something girl/woman :rolleyes:
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    The hulk (no spoilers yet)

    My thoughts on this excuse-to-make-a-movie are simple. 1.WORST MOVIE EVERRRRRRRR!!!!! 2. BORING 3. hulk loses shoes, yet manages to keep pants
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    Good, or ripoff?

    thats right, if he started at $50, maybe, $190, no.
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    Stuck on Installation...

    don't blaim XP, if u don'r read the EULA, or the other written warnings, that plainly say that OLD software may nolonger be supported and expect pure DOS games to run in a none-DOS environment, it's ur own damn fault.
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    Origin games that never were

    i don't think he realised that they DID make Privateer 2, its entitled, the darkening. it's an Erin Roberts game. he also made freelancer, if i rememebr right.