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    Notes for Fan Fiction

    I've got the plot all set out. 64 pages done so far with about about two or three hundred to go. I've been having a block of sorts though for about a month. I'll have to see if I can find a way to start making progress again. I might post it all at some point, but I'll need to go back and proof...
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    Piloting Flaw

    I'd sort of get in the same bit of trouble. Once I've got a target I won't pull away until it's dead, and that generally means staying right behind it long enough to get swarmed by whatever else isn't feeling friendly. Seems like every mission ends with a half-shattered cockpit canopy from pesky...
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    chad vader day shift manager

    Hehehe, it took me a moment to remember where I'd heard that name before. Entertaining, yes. ^^
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    BREAKING NEWS: Fatman Releases Wing Commander Music (August 2, 2007)

    Hmm... on another note, what else has Fatman released over the years? Did he go on to make any other WC music? :)
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    Fighter Designations

    Thx Chris for the clarification. It just goes to show that I can't trust everything I read out there. xP
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    About EA and WC games...

    I agree completely. What's the point to people hating big business, anyway? Corporations make every aspect of modern civilization possible. Sure it can make sense to be pro-small business, pro-workers' union, or be critical of the occasional corporate blunder (in a more relatable sense, a bad...
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    Fighter Designations

    Wasn't the Excalibur a testbed for a new fighter powerplant type? I think to one extent or another the Lance was the final product of the program - or at the very least a follow-up to perfect some of the features. The concept appeared to be to create a solid heavy fighter capable of decent...
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    Is CIC the only place where Arena gets positive feedback?

    You went gravedigging to say that? Personally, I'm not at all interested in playing Arena, but at least I don't run around flaming its advocates and trying to trash it. Like LOAF said, it expands the WC universe and for us fans who haven't had anything new to look at in a long time a new game of...
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    Hey, lets discuss WWII!

    Yeah, I know. Speculation is fun and debatable. It's always very thought-invoking to consider how differently things could have happened. ^^ As for FDR, that is a good point. Roosevelt is a hero of mine and if he'd have done something first Hawaii likely would never have been scathed. The...
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    Hey, lets discuss WWII!

    I would think that a war between the US and Russia after WWII would have been a completely absurd situation. Though the States came out of the war with an incredible position of power, the notion that we should have turned on one of our most helpful Allies and try to conquer most of eurassia...
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    Best space shooter sims since 2000?

    I would say that vanilla Freelancer is okay, but it's much better if a person can find a mod that suits their tastes and go multiplayer with it on one of the decently-sized servers. While the communities aren't as numerous as they used to be there are still teams out there who are pushing the...
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    Star*Soldier Continuity & Reference Breakdown

    Just out of curiosity, how do you guys think the Assembly would hold itself together with so many dead? I know it's just quick speculation, but looking at a map it doesn't take much to put together that controling that much space may well be impossible with a quarter of the original population...
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    Paktahn bomber

    I thought that was the case too at first, but it's battle damage and there's no doubt about it. ^^ Good call Tolwyn on getting these screens over here too. Everyone loves eyecandy. :D
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    BREAKING NEWS: Arena Manual Available! (July 17, 2007)

    So... much... joy... May the wingods be praised and their messenger "Loaf" lauded forever by all and written into song - for it was he who comest bearing a link for this, this... Star*Soldier. Hehehe, or maybe just a thanks is in order. :D
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    First 787 Rollout (7/8/07)

    It wasn't my intention to offend Europeans. On American airline companies I've flown on more aircraft manufactured by Airbus than Boeing. They are fine aircraft, and to be honest, I don't want either of the businesses to find hard times. I, too, think there's room for both and the market...