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    WC Game Downloads

    I know I generally like to archive games myself but also wanted to make SSC a nice archive spot for all gamers can go and find there classic game they played when they were a kid. But didn't want any legal trouble down the road by hosting some. Yeah I will put up a disclaimer and I am sure I...
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    WC Game Downloads

    Hi Everyone I think I know the answer to this question but I thought I would ask any way. Are there any Wing Commander titles that are freeware/abandonware now? Because I can find all of the older titles like WC, WC2, Privateer, WC Academy and WC Armada on various sites that deal in old...
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    Miner Wars

    Just posted the latest Q&A from the dev team and I also posted some new screenshots from the closed beta client, yes I have permission :)
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    Miner Wars

    Just to let everyone know I started a new thread on a new Q&A I want to do with the dev team and polling the community for some questions so feel free to submit them here:
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    Miner Wars

    Thought I would post a little something about this relatively new SP/MMO game. I have done a Q&A with the developer in the past but just in the past few months hype and activity surrounding the game has picked up at a fast pace and the game is moving very quickly to a beta phase. You can...
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    Conquest Frontier Wars

    I haven't played this game in quite some time. But enjoyed it a lot and the story was pretty solid. There were a few missions that I had to do over several times to get the right strategy. Shame no one created a CFW2.
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    Q&A with Dream Builder Studios about Heresy War

    Hi Everyone Though some people here would be interested in this Q&A about Heresy War a space combat simulation game. Enjoy the read. -D1-
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    Now Hear This... Again

    Here is the link :) Let me know when it is done or where I can find and i'll upload it to mt download area for people.
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    Future of Niche PC Game development

    Hey Zelvik When I started my site I thought it would be some what easy to keep up on general info on projects, and then I started digging and now i'm buried and I never have time to play anything or even write about them all :) Now i'm not just talking about 3D space shooters, but rpg, 4x...
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    Future of Niche PC Game development

    There is a lot of space gaming projects in development and already out right now. You just have to know where to look :)
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    "Havoc's Unnamed Space Sim" = CSiS | Website Online

    Just incase you haven't read these. The CSiS team has given SpaceSimCentral two Q&A's so far and these cover a lot of the team and game info thus far and the second one has a lot of pics. Enjoy! Q&A 1:
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    Website update, July 3rd

    Been waiting a while for Standoff and thanks for the hard work. I have yet to play an episode, been trying to hold off and play the whole thing at once :)
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    I have been on twitter but I generally don't have much time for it so I have my website auto post threads to the twitter page. :)
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    New Space Sim in the works

    So whats the name of the game going to be. And those new screenshots look very good nice work and the afterburner effects look great.
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    The 'OUTLANDER' blu-ray thread

    Thanks AD Currently there is a wait for the Outlander DVD on Netflix so I will just have to be happy with that. They should do something like make 5k copies on BR and see if they sell and if they do make more :) If people are willing to pay $$ for something why deny them?