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    End Run eBook

    I wrote them on social media. Do you think we'll see it this year?
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    Assuming he somehow survived the best ending of Standoff, what position was Jukaga in the Kilrathi hierarchy? Could he have replaced Thrakhath?
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    Here's another interesting thought: what if the best ending happened and Thrakhath also dies when you shoot him down in the final mission?
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    Would WC3 have to be that way though? Couldn't a change in the canon timeline result in a WC3 setting that's less desperate for Confed?
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    What if the "WC: Standoff" best ending happened?

    From the fan campaign Wing Commander: Standoff, how would WC history have been different if the "best" ending from that campaign had happened? For instance, would the Behemoth have been able to be developed more?
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    Foreign Minister Jamison

    Thank you all for your responses. I just think the character might have been a little more three dimensional if she had some problem with what she "had" to do for her son.
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    Foreign Minister Jamison

    So basically she felt nothing about what she did? It might have made it a better character if she would have at least found what she "had" to do distasteful.
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    Foreign Minister Jamison

    It's been a while since I read Fleet Action. Did Minister Jamison ever actually express regret at what she did? I remember she tried to betray Confed because she thought the Kilrathi had her son but IIRC she seemed to do what she did rather easily. I would have expected something like "I...
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    Final mission problem

    Concerning the final mission (Freya 8 I believe), the one where you finally attack and attempt to destroy the Wratghar, has anyone else had technical problems with it? I played it and it always seemed to freeze up at the point where the Hermes is about to come in. This happened on multiple...
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    The CAG from WC: Prophecy

    I forgot the name of the character, but the CAG on the Midway from Wing Commander Prophecy, just out of curiosity what was she doing during the Kilrathi War? Was she a pilot herself somewhere?
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    Things you'd like to see in Star Citizen

    Just heard about this game. I've never got into multiplayer or stuff like that all that much, so I hope there's a good single player space sim campaign.
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    Open questions thread from Ginger Lynn Allen

    Awesome to have you here Ms. Allen! :) As for my question: what are Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell like; was it fun working with them?
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    Avatar vs. Psychopath

    Which of these two personalities (Avatar and Psychopath) did you like better and think was the better fighter? I found Avatar to be fairly annoying so I'd rather fly with Psychopath (I liked flying with him better) Psych seemed to be a slightly better pilot too, just IMO. Though I probably...
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    Movies with WC actors

    Wasn't Catscratch's actor (forgot his name right now) in Double Dragon?
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    Just a Quick Question

    From what I gather, the Nephilim War ended in 2700. What finally ended it; how did it end? What was the final battle that concluded it (i.e. did Confed somehow find their homeworld)?