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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    Hell, if you google "lehah", the fifth result you get points to these forums. Personally, I'm just more concerned about this place getting an onslaught of angry Spoony fans. Granted, that's more for the moderators to worry about should it happen, but I'm still not feeling good about it.
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    Spoony "reviews" Wing Commander

    And Spoony actually showed LeHah's first post in this thread in his recent Highlander 2 review. I'm not sure what to say about that, apart from that it succeeds in portraying the people here in extremely negative light to those unfamiliar with us. Okay, you think the guy's material is...
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    A quick graphics question about Thrakhath in WC2

    I got to that notoriously buggy cutscene in my gameplay lately, and the results were indeed interesting. Uhh, wow. I had no idea there were art assets for this in the game.
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    Gwenhyvar's Rapiers

    Something occurred to me when replaying Secret Missions 1 recently. The way the Gwenhyvar is spoken of makes it sound like it's a ghost story that has been out there for years. Yet when you encounter it, the only human fighters which accompany it are Rapiers. Here's the dilemma: Rapiers are...
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    A quick graphics question about Thrakhath in WC2

    There are some similarities, but I wouldn't call it the same outfit. Still, I suppose I can apply some elements to help fill in the blanks.
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    A quick graphics question about Thrakhath in WC2

    Thanks for the information. I'll just look at Thrakhath's backside and shoulders and extrapolate from there then.
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    A quick graphics question about Thrakhath in WC2

    Is there any scene in Wing Commander 2 (including the add-ons) that show Thrakhath in his ceremonial garb at a distance from the front so that you can see his chest and legs? I remember a cutscene where he is momentarily captured in Special Operations 1, but I think there he had a more practical...
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    Wing Commander 4 pistol prop on ebay

    Wow, my picture shows up third. Doesn't that stroke my ego.
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    Messed up missions in Privateer CD-ROM

    Did the email get through?
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    Messed up missions in Privateer CD-ROM

    I've sent you the save.
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    Messed up missions in Privateer CD-ROM

    I have the CD-ROM Classics version of Privateer, and some of the missions just turn out incorrect for some reason. It's a rare occurrence, but I've had missions where I'm supposed to go up against retros or pirates and found Kilrathi waiting for me. I've double-checked things and the mission...
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    The Way Life Should Have Been (December 17, 2005)

    Could someone explain what this sentence means or is it a freak typo? On page 120: "Our hero is temporarily blinded by the senator's pants."
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    Privateer Ship Specifications

    Yikes! No wonder trying to outrun the drone is a lost cause. Has anyone ever managed to survive from the Steltek capital ship back to civilization without turning on invulnerability?
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    Weapons of the marines/army

    I don't know if it's a revolver specifically, but he seems to be cleaning/polishing some sort of handgun.