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    Is this project dead?

    Thank You for the update , and all the time You've devoted to this project .
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    How are you guys doing?

    Here , Here !
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    Medium Civilian Station WIP

    Howard , amazing work ! Would making the "arms" that the cargo modules lock onto a single "under" arm instead of dual "side" arms be a possibility . I was also invisioning them as Sea-land containers , so being able to swap them out is interical to thier use .
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    Little Update

    Glad to hear it . Let us see what you can , when you can . Keep up the good work , both Pioneer and WO duties .
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    Happy Independence Day! (July 4, 2006)

    A day late and a dollar short , as usual . Many happy returns to all .
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    Car Problems - Any Gear Heads Here?

    I belive the click when attempting to start is a indication of a bad starter , not alternator .
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    Car Problems - Any Gear Heads Here?

    O.K. , that explains everything and dispells some of my concern . If you were driving when the car just died it would have indicated an alternator issue . Replacing the battery would have only been a temparory fix . Poor fuel or water in the system would explain the shutter you mentioned...
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    Car Problems - Any Gear Heads Here?

    LeHah , How did you discover your need for a battery ? Did it just not start , or did it die while you were driving ?
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    Car Problems - Any Gear Heads Here?

    When you say the drama of the car cutting out on you , were you in motion when it died ? If so while getting out of the flow of traffic did you run over any thing or off the road in a rough manner ?
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    Has anyone ever seen Battlefield Earth?

    I went to see "A Soldier's Story" in '85 (?) , when the movie started there were maybe thirty people in the theater , by the end there were four . As for Starkey's comments , I assumed it was a cultural thing .
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    Welcome back .
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    Still Alive

    Congratulations ! I look forward to updates of both Pioneer , and career advances .
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    Hydra Cockpit WIP

    Wonderful !
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    Shining Movie On A Hill (April 24, 2006)

    I think he's saying let the idiots be happy . Why depress them with facts .
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    New Avatar

    No , we should complain . We should not say " it's never been this bad before ! " . We should have an informed discussion .