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    Dork Here on the Table (November 21, 2021)

    That looks really good! I don't know the technical details of Tabletop Simulator rendering, but they really make those models sparkle. The Gilgamesh was always one of my favorite designs, so it's nice to see it for once!
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    Jincilla Fighter Recreated by Fan... And It’s Not the One You Think! (November 18, 2021)

    Damn, that's pretty. Even if it's made out of bits of other bits, that doesn't make it any less impressive.
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    Endless Sky (and comparison with Privateer)

    The aesthetics and gameplay are pretty clearly a direct copy of Escape Velocity Nova. That was one of my favorite games of twenty years ago, and for years I always wondered why nobody ever followed up on it. But then this came out, and I barely played it past the tutorial. Oh well.
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    AI Enhancement Test Takes On Most Challenging WC Scene (September 21, 2021)

    Has anyone given any thought to enhancing the actual in-game assets? I found this mod for I-War 2, and it's kind of amazing how much detail you can get.
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    GOG Delisting Several EA Games (June 25, 2021)

    It makes you wonder why they removed it in the first place. Eh, is this really true? I was 13 when I joined the CIC, and I'd been playing the games since I was six. I don't think I'm some weird outlier, a lot of people play the games as kids and have fond memories of them which probably is why...
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    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Rapiers All in One Place (July 24, 2021)

    I'm glad to hear about the Lightnings! I was wondering about them the other day, they're an iconic bit of cold war aviation history but a lot of that is disappearing. I wonder what will eventually happen to the Rapier. I guess it'll stay together for now, but how long will it? And should it...
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    Perennial Rumor: Wing Commander Making a Comeback? (May 15, 2021)

    Fortunately there's one Wing Commander game with completely self-contained lore: (Do we really not have a better original cover scan than that? The Mobygames one is much nicer)
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    Are there other "space carrier" novels out there with not too much "weird" elements but instead grounded military sci-fi?

    Except that... we do? There's been a lot written about it in the last year, look at the citations for the wikipedia page and take your pick:
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    Perennial Rumor: Wing Commander Making a Comeback? (May 15, 2021)

    Well, the upside to making a Wing Commander as opposed to a Star Wars game is that you could bring back Mark Hamill's character fairly painlessly.
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    WC3 Neutron Gun stats and possible errors

    That's great! The Chirichan Demon model from the P2 model archive has a broken first LOD, so it's great to finally have a working one.
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    History of Privateer 3

    "Can it bring back the lives that were lost?" "No. But to make the planet whole again... maybe there is a chance...."
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    WC4 Remake

    What exactly is the convergence on the Bearcat's guns?
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    WC3 Neutron Gun stats and possible errors

    Do these actually exist anywhere? The only place I've found that deals with internal values are this save game editor and that explicitly states it doesn't work with weapons values. Other than that I think HCl was the only one to work with the game data and that was a decade ago.
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    Freddie Prinze Jr. Autograph Session Coming Soon (March 28, 2021)

    This post and the other update were right next to one about 3D printed ships, which made me wonder – has anyone gotten someone to sign a 3D print? There's probably some technical bits to making sure the ink holds, you'd need something big enough to sign and if you sent a Hornet or Excalbur to...
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    The Change That Upended Privateer 2's Economy (February 24, 2021)

    I wonder if this explains the unresponsiveness J. Allen Brack and others in Origin's QA department reported They wouldn't have been able to implement their balance proposals when it was being rewritten completely already.