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    Another possible Multiplayer outlet for the WCNews Crowd

    sorry dudes, just a question, because there seems to be a bad general attitude towards vega strike from the WCcommunity...but why?
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    Playing with WCSaga

    Oh...I said "hornet"...wooow, well I guess I'm getting old theese days ;)
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    Playing with WCSaga

    Well I think that the missiles mounted directly to the fighters (not inside some kinda tube) disturbe the shape of theese fighters. e.g. look at the hornets wings - they are a little bit too thick for theese missiles. the ship doesn't look like there should a missile "belong" under its wings...
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    perhaps you should add a little object mortion blur, for more dramatic. and you could change the perspective to look on the fighter. If you put the camera a bit higher and look more down on the hornet, youj probably see more of this great model.
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    Why We Fight (May 25, 2007)

    you got the point dude, seems like we have the smae opinion :)
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    Why We Fight (May 25, 2007)

    Oh really? sorry, I read all your news about arena, but for the moment I can't remember something about a complex background, so I guess I have read too fast and missed the point; my fault, sorry dude :D one other point is, that I really liked the "blair saves the galaxy" story when I enjoyed...
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    Why We Fight (May 25, 2007)

    well I guess I have some kind of similar opinion to arena like Supertalica. one the one hand I was a bit sad when I heared that there will be no epic story and huge background like WC3 or WC4 for arena. Instead of the "old school Wing Commander" it is supposed to be action orientated shoot em...
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    Why We Fight (May 25, 2007)

    wow "arena for PC"...sounds great! I only have some computers, but no consoles. and I really would like to play arena, too, but to buy a XBOX just for one single game? but thanks for the information!
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    In The Flight History...

    well I really can understand your point dude. I am working with some friends on our own wing commander inspired space fighting game and that really sucks sometimes... :) but on the other hand, doing all the work and stuff is a lot of fun, too. all those crace developers conferences...oh yeah : :)
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    In The Flight History...

    6 years? damn thats quite a long time. I didn't know that it has been so long for you. SO I gues now I understand why you want to finish your great project.
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    Why We Fight (May 25, 2007)

    I hope this is not the wrong thread to ask some questions: Does anyone around here know, whether there will be a PC version of WC:Arena or not? and in the statement "why we fight" you say something about "...big budget Wing Commander sequels.." and the text also mentions three of theese...
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    Rapier Today, Gone Tomorrow (April 4, 2007)

    amiga format? wow sounds like the grand-grand-grand-father of good old *.3ds... may I rate the three fighters? Therefor I would defenitely prefer the original WC2 model. I always loved that shape and the 2 vertical side wings of the ship. the SWC version looks a bit boring and, sorry guys the...
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    WC3 mine the jump points mission

    repeat that dude, you can fly DRUNK?? what mission do you mean by that? I played through WC3 (the original one) for several times and didn't ancounter anything like that. There was a interactive cutscene where you can decide to drink something in the bar, but the mission after that wasn't special...
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    sarthas and drakhris...just food for my guns...
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    just a little question

    well I spent a couple of nights on the same mission: the defending of 2 confed destroyers, one of them is called "sao paulo". and everytime i played it, the sao paulo gets destroyed. I shoot grikaths like on a fair but they still get the destroyer. so my question is: is that a "must lose"...