Raymond Blakely

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Raymond Blakely
Occupation Strategy and Tactics Instructor
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Commands Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy
Battles/wars Enyo Engagement - 2639

Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Blakely was a famous pilot of the Terran-Kilrathi War. He was known as the "Savior of Enyo" because he had designed and implemented the mine and jump point strategy that saved a quarter million hostages from Kilrathi orbital guns. He flew his last combat mission in 2643. He went on to teach Strategy and Tactics at the Academy.

Later Blakely taught Section 04 of Strategy and Tactics in which Carl T. LaFong was a student. He said that Blakely "taught me to have a purpose behind every maneuver and a target within range for every shot. He taught me to be a flight leader and a wingman. He taught me when to be cautious, when to be aggressive, and when to turn and run...I felt I owed him my survival."