CS: Reva (Nav 136)

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Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

CS: REVA (NAV 136)

There are two remarkable facets to the overall culture of Reva station. First, there is its business sense, which is ruthlessly exact and uncompromisingly straightforward, with no room for negotiation. Revans pride themselves on having everything that a ship owner could need, without insulting their customers' intelligence with such things as brand-name competition, bulk discounts or fashion colors.

And then, there are the three-tailed rats. Any Revan employee is more than happy to tell you that there are nearly a million rodents living on the station ― the largest known colony in space ― and that they eat only intra-structural vermin, biological refuse and handouts. But don't misunderstand ― the Revans love these rats. Advice on extermination is met with quizzical stares and an invitation to the annual Revan Rat Romp, complete with Alexander's Rat Time Band, dancing, rat adoption seminars and clip-on rat teeth.