CS: Lironas (Nav 133)

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Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2


Lironas is considered both the safest and most dangerous station in the Tri-System. This paradox is due to the fact that Lironas has the largest assassin population of any known "city." Depending on your business at the station, you are either completely safe or a sitting duck.

Two decades ago, Lironas suffered from an outrageously narrow margin of living for its inhabitants. This was primarily due to ongoing price wars designed to keep the intersystemic economy stable, but was further aggravated by an unusually high cost of living. In those days, getting off your ship was hazardous to your health, but staying on board meant risking having your externals stripped. Trade dropped to a deadly trickle, whereupon the Lironas Board of Commerce hired laser-armed assassins to find and eliminate threats to customer security ― preferably before any damage was done. The assassins have been scrupulously successful, and business has regenerated and prospered. And the station's second largest industry is now the sale of souvenir jackets emblazoned with the Death Squad motto: "Lironas Justice ― Regular or Extra Crispy?"