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Harold Rodham# 227 

Name Harold Rodham
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
About "I plan to sign the articles of the armistice within the hour, and with it establish a bilateral peace commission to work towards a permanent treaty between the Terran Confederation and the Kilrathi Empire."

Harold Rodham was the President of the Terran Confederation in 2668. The holo films never seemed to pick up that he was short. His youngest daughter had been killed during the First Enigma Campaign.

Dave Quinson was his Vice-President and Rhonda Jamison his Foreign Secretary. It was Jamison who insisted he agree to the armistice, Quinson was never convinced of the Kilrathi's good intentions.

The armistice was signed at the Frontier Orbital Base. President Rodham signed for the Confederation, Baron Jukaga for the Kilrathi Empire.

With the fleet being mothballed under the terms of the armistice, Rodham and the Joint Chiefs of Staff secretly ordered Vance Richards and Geoffrey Tolwyn to take a Confederation battlegroup made up of volunteers to the Landreich to protect it from Kilrathi incursions and to find out what the Kilrathi were really up to in the Hari region. The TCS Tarawa, aided by James Taggart on Bannockburn, detected the Hakaga fleet and sent the evidence to Earth.

Rodham announced the existance of the Kilrathi fleet and called for the renouncing of the armistance. He demanded the resignation of Rhonda Jamison and had her face investigation over alleged treason. His last executive order was for a full mobilisation of the fleet, along with wartime government control of the economy. He officially pardoned Geoffrey Tolwyn for the Battle of Munro incident, and reinstated him as a full admiral in command of Third Fleet, with the mission of organizing Earth's defences.

He then resigned from office and Vice-President Quinson was quickly sworn in to take his place.

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