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Michael Casey# 102 

Name Michael Casey
Callsign Iceman
Rank Major
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family Kylie Sarah Richards, Lance Casey, Julia Casey
Born 2623
Died 2656
Homeworld Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Residence Vega VII
About Michael Iceman got his pilot training from the Reserve Officer Training Corps. He was assigned to the Tiger's Claw after Custer's Carnival.

He served adequately but with little inspiration for two years. He probably would have been rotated out to sore duty accept that in late 2649 his first wife and 15-month-old daughter were killed in Kilrathi raid on Vega VII. His other daughter, Julia Casey, was taken prisoner. Michael Casey's kill ratio nearly doubled immediately and continued to rise. His dispassionate, emotionless demeanor earned him a new callsign, "Iceman."

On 2655.293 he received word that the TCS Jerusalem had intercepted a Kilrathi slave ship, and that his daughter Julia was among the freed. Shortly after Firekka, he took a shore leave and met Kylie Sarah Richards, a waitress. A few months later they married. He recorded holo-videos for her and their unborn son, Lance.

Six weeks after his second marriage Michael Casey was killed in action "on a deep space patrol in the B'shriss system." Christopher Blair brought back his life-pod, but the official report of his death omitted the fact that he was found in pieces, to spare his family the additional trauma.

Michael Casey achieved 367 confirmed kills during a nine-year career. Seven of those years were spent on the Tiger's Claw. He was one of the most decorated pilots of the Confederation and had a flight maneuver named after him.

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Record edited by Kris
Last modified Aug 1 2004


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