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So hows everyones summer?

Mines boring so far, just alot of workin out. nothin major goin on. Lots of my friends left for college.


I was hired by the CIA to replace my twin brother who was killed in the line of duty... Oh, wait! I've confused myself with Chris Rock again. Dammit.

Actually, I've been a reluctant bagger for Kroger supermarkets, and my arm is swollen and discolored from pushing around carts to prove it!

Other than that, my summer's been pretty much the same as it always has: Get up early, shower, pace around the house in my shoes, eat, do a hundred sit ups for some reason, watch Simpsons at 6, eat again, piss away the evening, watch Leno, go to sleep.


But you made this thread, and the title is: *You cant replay to a stuck thread, iv tried*

Zor Prime

That guy.
My summers been pretty good. Got lots of free games from work, seen some realy good movies, took some summer school courses, so far not to bad. I even have a vacation coming up!

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Summer is good so far. I'm working full-time, but without school I've had time to... watch a lot of Star Trek! And I've done a lot of work on putting together a great WC-only computer...


Rogue Leader
Summers are great... but I left my last one back at the start of 2002... and even then I was in the northern hemisphere most of the time...

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I picked up an 80 GB drive for the thing -- pleeenty of space for other classic games once I've optimized it for WC (G)


Summer? :confused:

/me looks out the window at the pouring rain and howling winds..

No everyone lives in the Northern hemisphere :D


Avenging Rooster
True, but here in Brazil it´s summer all year long :cool:. Right now we have a sweet 23ºC clear weather...


Mr. Standoff
Actually, I'm freezing my butt off down here in Sao Paulo.... last night the temperature must've gotten down to about 10ºC :(



Avenging Rooster
Don´t tell these Americans you are freezing at 10ºC (50ºF) in the middle of the winter. They will beat you with a stick.

We are used to a minimum 70ºF (21ºC) here in about 90% of the year.

São Paulo is "cold" these days. Up here it´s only been "cold" like that at nights. Right now a breeze is blowing from the mountains and the weather is just perfect.


Yeah don't tell us that you are freezing until you are experiencing temperatures below 32º F (0ºC). Everything else is summetime. ;)