Wing Commander FPS Mod?

Half-Life is by far the easiest game to make mods for, Unreal is the most powerful engine around, but it is also the hardest to use.
For making Half-Life TCs you would need

Wally ( for .Wads )
Milkshape 3d ( for models )
Worldcraft ( for levels )

and that's the basic kit. of course there are alternatives.
But, thats the basics.


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i'd say go with unreal(X) engine
its always being updated, and you can port mods to newer versions.

HL is way old and rather limited. popularity is all it really has going for it (but its a lot of popularity though)

quake3 has a ton of source code documentation and is more feature packed than HL. you can even get walk throughs for editing it, along with self compiling source code paskages (

Serious Sam is also really feature packed. not as much documentation. has a nice ability to have directional gravity, so you could for example walk completely around a sphere.



Unreal has the benefit of an extremely well documented map editor that comes with the game. It's pretty simple to use too, I've just tinkered with it but it's easy as hell..



I'm thinking of primarily going with a single player game (around about 30 levels) with a few multi-player maps thrown in for good measure.

I'm in the process of developing the storyline but I'm a visual person so... if anyone has any pics of ConFed Marines or Soldiers, PLEASE post them here (for reference).

Soon I will have a site up for the game and an open call for modders.


Kilrathi Marines from WC1:

WC1 Confed 'Human Saboteurs':

WC1 Kilrathi Marines and Confed 'unknowns':

WC1-SM2 Kilrathi Sivar Ceremonial Armor:

WC1-SM2 Kilrathi "full" Battle Armor:

WCM Marine outfits (Blair and Angel):

I'll attach a quick image capture of the WC4 Trailer of Dekker and his men's armor.
You can grab an image of Confeds full battle armor circa WC2 in the 'Jazz under guard' scene. More images of Dekker and his men can be seen in WC4 and Prophecy, but I'm not going to do all your homework for you ;)

Edit: Wow, ugly thumbnail. It looks better when you click on it :)



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the main problem I see is actually to model and animate marines... that is why I am working on a space combat game :D