Wing Commander Armada Intro remake in 4K


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Remember the render I made for the CIC's 22nd Birthday celebration?

You probably have guessed already what it is all about:
It's a remake of the intro sequence of "Wing Commander Armada" in 4K, using the Privateer 3D assets:

Depending in the interest and the feedback, I may rework the sequence again and perhabs remake the other cutscenes from that game.

Should anyone ever do a modernisation of WC Armada like it is being done for WC4 right now, I'd be happy to contribute my remake.


Models: Origin Systems (Privateer 3D Archive)
Vectorized logos: elend
Animation, rendering, cut: Fek’Leyr Targ
Music: Midian’
Reorchestration: Fek’Leyr Targ
Soundfont used: Timbres of Heaven 4.0
Programs used: 3D Exploration, Blender, Synthfont, Premiere Pro
Special thanks: Chris Roberts, Jeff Everett, elend, ODVS, Wing Commander CIC


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Man, I poured so many hours into Armada... Underappreciated game, I feel. Nice work!

Can't agree more! And it's surprisingly playable online in 2021, although more stable in quick combat form. A high res update to the actual game would be just amazing.