Wing Commander 3 Campaign Set to Stream (February 8, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator

Prolific game streamer and dedicated Wingnut Bonkus_Maximus is about to kick off a big series with The Heart of the Tiger. He's played plenty of classic Wing Commander on his Twitch channel before, but he's decidedly out of practice in WC3. This provides a prime opportunity to jump into the game anew for a fresh experience. You can join in live here on Twitch starting Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern time. There's also still an opportunity to vote at the CIC Forums on the difficulty level you think he should attack.

Fellow Wingnuts,

I'm going to start my full, expanded playthrough of WCIII (Including winning and losing track missions) on Twitch starting on Tuesday, February 9, at 8pm (20:00) Eastern time (GMT -5). I went through the Orsini missions just to be sure the game runs smoothly on stream, and I haven't otherwise played it for a long time. I wanted to start a poll for the difficulty level, which I will stick to as much as is reasonable. I will allow up to two (2) choices, so if you are uncertain, you can at least consider two options.

Note: Missions where we face Aces will be treated differently. I will play the mission up to the confrontation on Easy, then dismiss my wingmate and switch the difficulty to Nightmare in order to face the enemy Ace in a one-on-one duel.

Original update published on February 8, 2021