WC Prophecy Error on Start

Hi there
I installed my copy of WC Prophecy on my XP sp2 AMD 3300 FX7600 and it ran ok but then i tired to put on the high res vids and the patch....and am getting a weird error and a non start, non launch.

Can anyone give me any hints as to what this means? I put all the files in the install as per instructions, vids in movie folder, patch and ran the path installer with the res set as per instructions....

any hints?

this is the error: and ys i did use compatability but i dont know if i have a speed problem as i havent had a chance to run the high res vids yet...

so this is the error alert:

Iff:Iff open file 'game\cdlayout.iff' not found and not optional

PS WC SO loads fine and runs fine


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
That could happen if you try to start the game from the second/third discs and it doesn't like this for some reason. It could also be a scratched disc. Since it ran fine before, maybe just dirty and not scratched - try running it under warm water.

It's also possible a file got corrupted in all the copying, so I would try uninstalling and reinstalling everything.