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Well I worked on a totally original model over the past day or 2 and will have some screenshots up tomorrow. But it's called the "Charon" , it's actually the cargo ship similar to Galaxy class. But tomorrow I'll post up a screenshot.


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Alright well as promised here are a few of the "Charon" which I haven't really come up with a total designation yet, only being that it's a system in the WC Universe and also a transporter of death, So a personal cargo ship is what it be :). But here's a few screenshots. 2 renders and 2 in the vision engine. Leave me thoughts, comments, concerns,etc... oh and the poly count got a little too high so no gun mounts on this one. Although there are hardpoints (A set of Meson, and also a hardpoint for a missiles (1x6) Heatseekers that's pretty much it.... I also worked on a Dralthi Shank and a Dralthi Striker which are linked here >>>http://www.crius.net/zone/showthread.php?p=351121#post351121 Let me know what you guys think on those too. The textures still need to have some work and also the cockpits need a little work still as far as textures but you guys get the point.



This one, when put in the Vision engine oddly enough was that far off from the hi-res renders of the ship which made me happy :) Although again only 640x480 screenshots in Direct3d. You can only imagine in 1600x1200 opengl!! :) I just happen to get the black screen when shots are takin in OGL.




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Oh another reason why I named it the "Charon" because I was thinking and was also reading due to a song that I was listening to at the time. a Megadeth song that I probably shouldn't list here but it's called "Go To H***" I know a little off topic but here's a lyric in the song

"And as Charon sails the sea
Your journey too shall end below
Ah yes you're all sitting ducks
It's true you reap what you sow"

I didn't know what Charon was before listening to this song, but I was playing the old Kings Quest 6, in which there's a part where"Charon" is the transporter of souls to there final resting place, (I only thought it was the ghouls name, and that there wasn't any meaning behind the name) so I was like hmm maybe I should read a little bit about this "Charon", anyways in reading of Charon I found that in Greek mythology he/she was exactly how Sierra games back in the day made the charecter out to be. So in thinking that Charon was an dead being. I used elements of the Orion Fuselage, like the wheel and bars a little bit behind the cockpit (the bars are a lighter color), "he is commonly depicted as a living skeleton in a cowl, much like the Grim Reaper" < wikipedia (which isn't that far off at least that's how I thought of this charecter) It would almost make it seem like the cockpit could be lowered when you land to touch the ground. So in thinking of this theory I tried to make the Transport, look as if it had bones, or sorts, it may sound corny but eyyy. You guys named the Buccaneer!!! :) Also Charon is a system in the Epsilon Sector which would seem like a main link between (2) Arena time frame important systems (Midgard, and Corsair systems) I made this transport pretty heavily armored but not heavy with weapons, also I had trouble putting a turret on it too. I was thinking that instead of meson guns for this to just have 2 plasma guns on it and call it a day. Also within the game I have taken the refire delay action of the Plasma a little less only reason being was to make it a little more close to Privateer type Plasma guns, and a little less damaging because of that fact. But in any even enjoy the screenshots, and any comments questions or concerns by all means I'd love to hear them, the more information and accurate information I can get in doing this mod the better.

Also a note: Notice the Rear fuselage where the Cargo bay door is...it's shaped like a tombstone. :)


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well the ships look nice but I don't think it needs a turret, it look small enough to be like a scimitar move fast enough to be a fighter but with enough armor to be a bomber. Also if all your giving it is a set of gun I think they should be a set that recharges some what fast so it can kill more the one enemy at a time. and if you need something to be fired form the back it all ready looks like it should let mines go from that rear door.


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To be honest it's about 3 times the size of the Vampire. :) I was looking to make a smaller transport. It's actually similar in size to the Standoffs Venture class corvette (at least I think what that's what it was called). It looks fast but even when you give it like a 360 cruise it's still seem size due to it's size. I'll come up with some better screenshots to show it's size at some point. It's probably the cockpit size throwing you off.


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that's a possibility too..... I just have a problem mounting turrets with this model. the model goes hay wire and looks all wierd when I add a turret. Unless some corvettes don't have turrets just heavy weapons, please advice on this one.


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I believe the vettes we've seen all mount turrets. The "Milk Run" section of ER has a lot of descriptions about the layout and turrets (although the Johnny Greene is quite heavily modified)


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Shoot and Dang....:) I mean unless you guys would want the model to get all messed up by me adding turrets no problem, I've tried different ways to adding the turrets but no dough. I don't think you guys would like that too much. I think I'll probably stick with the original Transport idea that's not too heavily armed. except for the 2 plasma cannon. Which would make it heavily armed in it's own right. the Minelayer Idea isn't a bad concept tho. We do read in Arena that certain fighters are minelayers, and Standoff takes the concept of the Clydesdale's laying mines so....Well keep in mind I'm not really going to be having this ship as a flyable ship.

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Maybe it's a colonial-type job with a Hellcat cockpit strapped to capital-ship industrial engines.