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Why not try the new Microsoft Security Essentials?

It's engine is the same as the ForeFront Security Suite used at Microsoft. ANd yes, it's free. The only catch is you have to be running a legit copy of Windows. It's lightweight, simple to use, and only gets in the way if something bad is about to happen.


I accept:Antivir is an antivirus tool pretty good. I have use it and now too.


Trust me.......Avast is the BEST! Mcafee and symantec gobble up resources and slow your pc down horribly. Avast does not slow your pc down. And it works. I"ve been using it for 2 years and haven't had anymore trouble with viruses. Give it a try. Delete mcafee and symantec off your pc and reboot before you load it down though.


Severe Computer Virus Problem?

Severe Computer Virus Problem?
Basically i've got 2 viruses, and they can't be removed.

One is cls_pack.exe, and i've heard it disables most antivirus programs. Well it disabled my Avira, i tried installing Malware Bytes to no avail. Theres also another one that starts with the line ''h8'' i can't remember the rest. The problems i get are not being able to get into some web pages, i hear ads without even being on the internet, and this morning, this Boot Initializing thing came up, and at the bottom it said Executing commands and below THAT it showed the directory, with cls_pack.exe at the end. I need serious help.

Thanking you in advance..
Linux, anyone? ;)

Myself, I use Avast and Spybot S&D. No experience with Avira/AVG, tried Malwarebytes' scanner, but I prefer Spybot's interface. 'Course, these days I don't get much spy-/adware - Firefox with AdBlock/NoScript r teh win!