USB joystick not detected by WC3 in Dosbox 0.74. Another 64 bit issue??


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After praising how wonderful and WC friendly Win 7 is, I've now got what might be another 64 bit related issue - this time, with the joystick.

I've taken a look through the stickies, and played with the search feature and I'm unclear if the problems already posted regarding WC3 joystick detection are actually the same thing that I'm posting.

I'm running DOSBox 0.74 under Win 7 Home edition 64 bit. DOSBox informs me that it's detected my joystick upon startup:

Using Joystick Cyborg FLY5 stick with 5 Axis, 14 buttons and 1 hat. Initialising with 4 axis.

4 Axis is good enough, so I install WC3 from the CD, all working just fine - but then I run WC3, the black and white calibration screen comes up asking me to center the joystick and press a button. At this stage moving the joystick does nothing, none of the buttons work, the triggers, the throttle, the hat, nothing. It's like it's not there.

I haven't used the joystick in DOSBox before, but it's working just fine with all my Windows applications. I've tried the different joystick timing settings in the DOSBox config options, but to no avail.

Thanks to anyone who can help.


I've had no luck with DOSBox and joysticks using Win7 X64 and two different Saitek sticks - the stick is recognized, buttons work, but calibration goes bad and recalbrating doesn't seem to work. It's supposed to be "calibrate in Windows, go" but this is unfortunately not for everyone. You could try an earlier version of DOSBox, perhaps? Quick Google shows that 0.65 may be worth trying, download


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Thanks for the reply, tried 0.65 and it finds the joystick just fine, unfortunately the WC3 video and in-flight colours are all distorted with that version.

Finally settled on 0.72, it accepts the joystick, plays video fine and the colours aren't mixed up.

It looks like there's going to be a lot of work and new documentation to come at the CIC, Win 7's popularity here in the UK at least seems to be going from strength to strength - particularly amongst PC gamers.