Saw Vagabond last night in an episode of MacGyver


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He had more or less bit parts in the second season... I don't remember if they showed him in the first season or not. But his role seems to be expanded quite a bit in the third season.

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I actually saw him in two or three weeks ago in one of the CW's "arrowverse" shows... but it might also have been on the recent "The Tick" show.. it was a speaking role(10 words or so) the guy has to make a living, right?

I finally caught up on The Tick this morning and can confirm that was where you saw him. He plays Arthur's stepfather and his role gets bigger as the first season goes along (with a surprise at the end.)


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This seems as good a place as any to put this, since we're talking about past Wing Commander actors.

The article's a couple of years old, but this interview on Digital Spy explains why John Rhys-Davies suddenly departed Sliders mid way through season 3. Seems he wasn't very happy with the standard of writing:

"I would go to [the writers] and complain. But they would say, 'John, why don't you just say the words as written?' and I'd say, 'I'll tell you what, I will actually say the words as written when you can actually write intelligent sentences!'"