Permission to Use Art from Standoff Website


Hey all,

Today I've decided to begin the process of contacting some folks whose artwork I'm currently using in Chapter 7.2 of the Elegy campaign for formal permission to actually use it. At the moment, I've got images of ten craft (the Clydesdale, Hornet, Raptor, Sabre, Hermes, Gladius, Stiletto, Broadsword, Artemis and Errant) on the page that were pulled directly from the Standoff website. Which member of the Standoff team do I need to ask for permission to use these images?

If y'all would prefer I not use all y'all's stuff, that's fine; please let me know and I'll replace the images with ones from different sources.


Unknown Enemy
Yeah, Eder would be the person you need to contact. I doubt he'll have any objections, so if he doesn't reply for a while (which could happen, since he doesn't exactly spend much time on Wing Commander these days), just assume you're fine.


Alright, thanks y'all.

This is kind of embarrassing - who is Eder and how do I get ahold of him? Y'all went live before I started frequenting the CIC and I'm not seeing any registered forum members with that name.


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I actually spoke to Eder a few weeks ago on FB about someone using his Standoff models. He said it was ok to use them. He just didn't want to be credited. I messaged him a link to this thread. If he doesn't post here I'll post his reply to me.


Thanks for the direct link, ChrisReid. For whatever reason his username didn't come up when I tried typing it into a new conversation earlier.