Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
I believe you all know what this is :)


Original Design and Model by Chris Douglas, Robert Frye, Beverly Garland, Danny Garrett, Craig Halverson, Jake Rodgers, and Brian Smith

This package contains:
(1) Paradigm mesh (.3ds format, 5634 faces)
(2) Hull textures (512x512)
(1) Green texture (64x64)
(1) Freelancer engine texture (64x64)

Hull Textures by LVXOCCVLTA
Engine Textures by Digital Anvil
Screenshot by warzog
Mesh Adaptation by Bob McDob


Get it here (768kb)


Unknown Enemy
Looks good... I think I might have to ret-con these into the BW fleet circa UE ;).

Two questions:
1. What's the poly count on that thing?
2. What size is it (in metres)? IIRC, there's no exact size listed for the Paradigm, so I'm also curious how you came up with whatever number you have.