Out of the Bag (August 17, 1998)

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
Boomer was at it again this morning, posting something to agwc that CIC readers should find most interesting... keep watching our Secret Ops area, it's undergoing a major retool, so as to add a whole lot of really cool stuff!
We're donating some cool Wing Commander stuff to CIC for their contests. I have a leather jacket Maniac wore in the filming of WCP, some blue confed jumpsuits, a copy of Wing Commander: Prophecy autographed by Mark Hamill, confed patches (for use on uniforms in the filming), 'tubed' maps (not folded) and maybe some other stuff.
Keep an eye on www.secretops.com, and www.wcnews.com for upcoming info.

Original update published on August 17, 1998
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