New Poll Inquires About Story Preferences (May 7, 2022)


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Today we've updated our front page poll to ask what kind of Wing Commander stories people like. A lot of common themes emerge from the main games, books, movie and TV show, and we've simplified them into six categories. "Covert missions" are like the expansion Secret Missions/Special Operations or portions of End Run/Fleet Action. "Epics" are life-or-death struggles for the fate of all civilization in games like WC3/4 or Fleet Action. Even Armada qualifies. Other games like WC1/2 could be described as "grinds" where you see some of the dog days of the war. At multiple points we get to explore the "mysterious threat" like the Nephilim or Steltek. "Rookies" are stories like the WC Movie or Academy TV show (or even games like WC1 or Prophecy) that show under-experienced pilots learning the ropes. Finally, there are special personal adventures. Very different types of things fit here from the Freedom Flight novel to Privateer 2. Pick your selection below!

Our old poll asked about fans' favorite mechanics. Rachel took the top spot, but Sparks and Pliers weren't far behind! The loser is decidedly Xilerks, who almost got beat by the repair power-up from WC Arena...

Original update published on May 7, 2022


I wouldn’t have thought I’d go with epic but 3 and 4 are the games I remember most vividly. And as I read all the novels fleet action is definitely the one I remembered most vividly.

The downside is those stories are also unsustainable. WC3 and 4 both gave the problem to their sequels of “now what”?

I think more middle ground, with the war reaching real turning points (aka End Run) and then eventual payoff like WC3 would be the best balance.
Im definitely not into the grind - the firekkan campaign (largely thanks to Freedom Flight) and Jazz (so wc2+so2) are the parts I remember from the first games. With both you have a sense of the people involved.


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I agree that the 'epic' feel of large-scale warfare and fleet actions like in WC3 or the Clone Wars and Rebellion in Star Wars are often among the most captivating stories... yet in order to keep things interesting it's good to look at the smaller, personal stories as well to give a contrast. It's hard to pick just one category - I think part of what makes Wing Commander lore interesting is precisely the variety of story scenarios.