Music of Origin Systems


Rear Admiral
What is your favorate music of all of Origin's games. I LOVE Wing Commander II's main theme + Destruction of the Claw, but I think my over all favorate is from:

Strike Commander
The Main Theme

I still to this day find myself whistling it from time to time. What do you think?


Kyle Maverick

Rear Admiral
The intro to The Kilrathi Saga, which I believe the first part is from the Border Worlds Theme, and the Wing Commander III Launch/end credits music I love


I've been a fan of some of Privateer's music, a lot of the music from WC1 hits home to me, and the Strike theme (in-flight music) from Wing Commander III is among my favorites.


Vice Admiral
My personal favorites are the fanfare from Wing Commander 1, the barracks/lounge tracks from WC2 and the inflight music of all the first three games. But really, I like them all. I especially liked the music from Wings of Glory too.


Vice Admiral
I love wing commander, but unfortunately it's not my favourite piece of music ;) my favourite pieces are the Columbia to USA flight music from Strike Commander, and an unreleased medley by Joe Basquez from Origin Audio Volume 3. Also Crusader: No Regret/No Remorse have some brilliant stuff. WC2/Privateer are next after those.


Doomsday's Neighbour
The individual pieces of WC music are great by themselves, but it's the interactive transitions that make it a watershed event in PC gaming.

Who can forget the first time you try to obtain torpedo lock in WC2?

Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
I think the Wing Commander III scramble music is up there -- as is the environmental base music from Privateer. Those pieces completely 'made' their settings, from the lonely whine of the asteroid base to the drum-taps at Perry. Try imagining one of those settings without the sountrack -- you can't do it.


Rear Admiral
WCII has the best themes in my opinion. I always think it would be interesting to hear what tracks would have sounded like had the music technology from the WCIII era been available at the time of WCII's creation.

I never had the chance to hear the music from Strike Commander. The comp that I had at the time simply couldn't handle the audio for that game. I should really re-load it and use DosBox to play through that one again.


Rear Admiral
I liked the various tracks in the rec room in WC3, also i thought the Origin introduction at the beginning of WC1 was catchy.


Vice Admiral
My favourite bit has to be the music during Tolwyns trial in WC4, I just love the bit where all the witnesses are in the stand and shouting. Oh good times.
Other than that, privateer credits ;)