Merry Xmas 2007 Wingnuts!


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This year we have two very talented Wing Commander artists who are helping to spread their holiday cheer. On the left, Marc has rendered a nifty scene for everyone. He's put together a dressy New Constantinople style space station that's been visited by a Broadsword sleigh - complete with fancy rein-Ferrets! NinjaLA has also sketched out an awesome Christmas Mr. Kat. He got it just perfect. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the Wingnuts out there!

Also check out a few of the neat holiday things that fans have put together in the past.

Original update published on December 25, 2007
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I may not post around mutch but I do love this site! Have a good one everyone!
(sorry for the typo in the thread title-- it's wing'N'uts)


Very nice! And you even thought of all the little details like snowflakes and the obligatory red nose! :D
(Very nice render of New Constantinople, too!)

Happy holidays! :)


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I'd forgotten how funny the old xmas WC parodies and 12 Days of CIC Xmas were. Great holiday classics.

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Merry Christmas to all... also, happy other holidays.

(We're actually waiting a week to celebrate Christmas here, since my brother hasn't made it home yet. So I'm not late at all, I'm early! Early!)