Lillard Table Read Online, Beadle ad Grimm's Posts Great April Fools Set (April 4, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
If you missed Matthew Lillard's Wing Commander Movie script reading on Friday, the segment has been archived on Twitch. It's not overly hammy, which is impressive, and it's genuinely nice to hear what fond memories Mr. Lillard had of the film's production. Most of the Beadles and Grimm's team tried to get into the atmosphere with WC backgrounds and do their best with material that they're not as intimately familiar with as you or I might be. It was also fun to hear Lillard's recollections on the differences between early script and finished movie.

And that's not all! They really got into the spirit of things with a full scale Wing Commander-themed April Fools joke on Thursday. It's the perfect kind of prank where you wonder for a split second if it's real, but without any kind of crushing letdown that mocks the reader or anyone else. The idea is that they were putting together a "Platinum Maniac Edition" box set. They created artwork, a map, orders, a minidisc and more. Check it out here! Since awesome things like this on the web have a habit of disappearing eventually, we've also archived it for future generations. I would definitely be down for one of these if it were real!

Original update published on April 4, 2021