Joystick customisation?


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Using the Kilrathi Saga.
Any way to edit the keys on my Thrustmaster?
I strongly dislike the setup in all games and would like be be able to for example engage my afterburner, something that's completly lacking.

(WC3 doesn't allow me to select it, I use the "joystick" setting)


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What kind of TM stick? Newer model or one of the old classics?

The older sticks had an editing app included with them and I just tried a quick search on the 'net for sticksets (the TM files used to assign keys) but didn't come up with anything right off the bat.


Xpadder or Pinncale Game Profile can be used to map keyboard and mouse commands to any controller button, but their limitation is that they don't let you map controller buttons to other controller buttons. That may or may not get in your way, depending on how you want to set things up.

Like Durandal said, some controllers have software specifically for them that allows changing button assignments. I know Logitech has a downloadable program for their brand controllers... I think it's called Wingman. Logitech's peripherals have been pretty shoddy in my experience, though. I browsed Thrustmaster's website, but I didn't see anything similar.


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Try looking here it's the Thrustmaster download page. You should be able to find their mapping software once you choose your stick.