How would a Firekkan animatronic be like in WC3/4/Prophecy


Given how the Kilrathi were somewhat convincing. Moreso in WC3. How do you think the animatronics of Firekkans would have been like back then? Theoretically if there was a story of some kind with them.


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It's hard to say, because the Kilrathi appearence style of WC3 is very different fron those of the previous WCs, and on the other hand, Melek's appearence style in WC4 is very different from his in WC3. Therefore, it may not be easy to speculate on the style of the WC3/4-style Firekkan.
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I think it's tough because a lot of what made the WC3 Kilrathi work is still the human in the suit. It would be harder to pull off a bird well.


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I feel like you would probably have to change up the kind of birds or bird related being they are. They don't have to look like big bird. They could be more akin to some of the feathered dinosaurs and still meet the criteria. For reference on how far you can stretch the "Avian" look, Turians in Mass Effect are said to be 'bird-like'... they have beaks, talons and more



Yes, we can, we can also look at the Alkari from Master of Orion... I would argue the the Firekkans are more dragon/drake like than avian as they have arms and wings. They are predators since their eyes are forward facing. There are plenty of options. I was saying... we've already done bird people before, it's not that horrible a challenge.