How Richard Garriott Works & his PC brand


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Short article at Lifehacker on how Richard Garriott works
He lives in New York and runs his Austin company by using Beam to teleport (his word) to Austin from his home office in NYC. Here it is in action

He also uses an iPhone X and Origin PC (mentioned in the Lifehacker article and also at The Origin PC website has these quotes from him
"I have been a hard core PC developer and gamer since the beginning, including when I was making some of my earliest games for Origin Systems. Origin games, like Ultima and Wing Commander, always pushed the envelope on what gaming machines were capable of. And to develop them, I knew I needed the best gaming hardware available."
"I now use Origin computers for both my home and office desktops and, of course, have an Origin laptop for when I travel.
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Yeah, crazily enough, that's not even his first telepresence robot. We went down there and visited Portalarium six or eight years ago and he showed off his robot then. I seem to recall that one was white. I think he bought his first one so his mom could remotely attend his wedding or something like that and has been hooked ever since.