help requested


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Hi there

some year's ago I build 4 WC-fighters, Excalibur, Dralthi MK IV, Straka and Dragon.
All just from the Datasheets that hade come with WC3 and package-pictures and handmade screen-drawings.
I also plant to build some other fighter like Vaktoth, Rapier and some Cap-Ships (like the T-Claw and Victory).
Sadly the Data I had was to inaccurate, so I gave up on that

Since I'm on this Board I've found many interesting 3D-Models here.
This brings me to an idea.
Is ist possible for you modlers to convert some 3D-models to a neutal data-typ like DXF, IGES, VDASF, or STEP?
That way I could rework them under CATIA or Pro/E to make construction-templats for new and better styrene-sheet-models.


get a program called 'Deep Exploration'

it will let you, pretty much, go from any format to any other format.



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I hope the Demo will do it
149$ is far to much for those few models I like to convert.


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it is a 30 day tril, after your version expires you will be able to open models, but not longer to save 'em


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just seen that ;)
I only hope that Pro/E understands the DXF-Data I have now
I can bee very moody :rolleyes:

offtopic: that prog is better then is thought.
I just change an 3ds-Dragon to an obj-Dragon
maybe i can now fly it in Priv-Remake after all *yeha*
(someone has a Falcon? okokok I'll be quiet)