Hello, Old Friends!


Rear Admiral
Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to drop a quick note and say hi to all of the old timers! It's great to see that Loaf, ChrisReid, and everyone else has kept this amazing site going for several decades! Anyone around from the 90s / 2000ish era still?

You may remember me from the Killerbees and when we all had the hope of WCO, before that game sadly died. Anyways, it's great to "see" everyone! I continue to check in news from time to time and hope everyone is well! This remains one of the best gaming communities around and I still only have fond thoughts of those days!



Mpanty's bane
Hello, I think I remember you. I haven't been around much lately, much to my chagrin. But the community is still great!


Rear Admiral
That's great to hear! What are folks focusing on these days? Would love to poke my head in as time allows.


2nd Lieutenant
I have to agree, everytime I check in even sometimes after a year or so there are still something cool going on, you guys are the best !