Green, but still ugly.


Mr. Standoff
This is fun, gimme a few minutes. :p

Edit: Here we go...



Looks more WC2ish to me...but since you're a WC2 guy I'll forgive you. :p
It dosn't look like handdrawn, though. Did you have the same idea about the textures as I?

The red stuff for the engine intakes is what I missed, though.


Mr. Standoff
I just turned off a few detail layers on my Photoshop version of the textures, made the base layers green and metallic grey, rendered it with a lof of light, then resized the renders using poor quality WC2-like sampling. :p

(And yes, it's supposed to be a WC2 thing - maybe the WCM Rapier-G that shows up 10 years after yours :D)


Rear Admiral
There's some pictures here (towards the middle of the last full row of pictures, with a nice side view, even if the rest aren't the best for 3-view plan reference), and some general pics here.
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Am I the only one who thinks it looks like an A-10 that's had the fusalege between the tail and the cockpit chopped off, the wings clipped, and the gun blown up 50 times?

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
Yeah, I never understood the whole WWII fighter - the Rapier always looked to me like a dead ringer for an A-10 - the straight wings (WWII fighters usually had some camber to them), the engine, the split tail and huge-ass front mounted gun. It's a space Warthog ... too bad it doesn't do atmospheric.