Green, but still ugly.


Bandit LOAF said:
I wonder what the reaction to the Rapier would be if it had a spiffy factory-fresh paint job...

Probably like this!


Now what do you think, people? Is it a bit more pleasent to look at?

BTW thanks to Eder for allowing me to use his model as reference.


You might be in need for new eyeballs or something, since it's right there.(Or maybe your browser is crap) :p


Avenging Rooster
LOAF was right, it definitely looks nicer than the movie paintjob, but that freaking gun in the front and those weird wings are still awful.


I'm using Opera as well. No indication at all that a picture is there. In Konqueror, I at least get a broken picture icon :p Copying the pic's address and pasting it in the URL bar gave me my reason.. my Uni is blocking scifi3d for some absurd reason. Everything's in order then, carry on :) (though I am surprised there is no broken pic icon or anything in Opera.. weird)

EDIT: one new proxy later and I can say that it looks quite nice :)