Freddie and Circuses (July 16, 2021)


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The Cosmic Circus has covered Wing Commander in their latest retro review. Wing Commander games from the late '90s aren't "pixel art" and I still think the year 2000 sounds kind of futuristic, so it's almost jarring to find that Wing Commander falls into the retro category these days. At any rate, this article does a good job of emphasizing the fun parts of the film while also spending some time analyzing the character elements that didn't work as well. The author has a history with the rest of the franchise, which helps give some valuable context that other recent reviews might lack. Check out the full piece here!

  • Even in the year 2700, there’s product placement. Nokia makes the brand of computers that humans use in their ships. If you remember the Nokia brick phones of that era, this makes total sense.
  • If you’re a fan of Star: Trek Voyager, you might do a double-take at Maniac. He could be Tom Paris’ blonder twin. Maniac’s bleach blonde hair is also a fun throwback to the 90s.
Here’s hoping that whoever owns the rights gives it another go because this world has so much potential for juicy conflict and fun.

Original update published on July 16, 2021