Feel Like You’re Back at the Office With Latest Tiger’s Claw Vid (May 16, 2022)


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Part 3 of Scribbler's ambiance video series is here! This one, unsurprisingly, comes from the briefing room aboard the Tiger's Claw. While the bar has a bright fun tone and the barracks is calm and relaxing, this sequence is a bit more technically oriented. You can hear computers chirping, people typing, doors opening and occasional scribbling on a white board. It's not quite the aggressive stance that we're used to in this place, but that's not quite the intent - these are full of background white noise to help you pass the time with fewer distractions. I wouldn't mind an option to hear the original music though!

In this file we stay in the ambiance of the TCS Tigers Claw Briefing Room.
Intended for radio plays or play in the background while working or falling asleep or even barbecue party. Where you want to let your imagination run wild.

Time to work Early in the morning and off to the briefing room. The Colonel is already waiting. Sit down quickly. The computer is operated and we see star charts and detailed enlargements of the targets. Uh really now...? The comrades are already whispering whether this isn't going to be too heavy.

Original update published on May 16, 2022