Favourite WC music

Favourite WC music

  • WC1

    Votes: 5 10.9%
  • WC2

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • WC3

    Votes: 16 34.8%
  • WC4

    Votes: 10 21.7%
  • Prophecy

    Votes: 1 2.2%
  • Privateer

    Votes: 2 4.3%
  • Academy

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • WC movie

    Votes: 6 13.0%
  • Armada

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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I have seen threads about people's favourite WC game, favourite fighter, favourite gun, least favourite fighter and maybe some others I can't remeber right now. But I haven't seen a thread about favourite wing commander music. You might say that it is unfair to compare wc1 and 2 to the newer games because of the move to using full orchestras, but taking this into account, which music did you like the most the first time you heard it out of all the games and the movie?

To start off, I would say I liked the music from wc4 the most. As well as just liking how it sounded, I also liked how how the music changed as the situation in the game changed, such as the music for the defection mission, the Peleus missions and the final mission. I thought this was very good for setting the mood and gave you the feeling that you were doing something more important than usual.


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Its really a tough choice. The first WC game I played was Wing Commander III like so many others, so when I think of music, I have to think of that. Then theres the movie score by David Arnold with that wonderful, lush Ron Goodwin-esque title theme that sounded like it should've been the theme to Battle Of Brittian or somesuch.

However, I think the original WC game probably had the best score. Not only was the music incredibly memorable - but it was a major benchmark in how sound and music were utilized and made soundcards (as well as Soundblaster) a nessessity.


It's hard to say, every WC had tracks I liked and others I disliked. But the single song I like most is the WC3 variation of the scramble theme.


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wc2 main theme, plus lounge music.

I like the movie score too, but it's on a different level, as music is written different for the different mediums.... Like how movie scores use cues and such.

I think wc3 music would rank next for me


WC 1 for me...as mentioned above, it had some of the most memorable tunes perhaps not the best sounding but it carried a strong sense of nostalgia. I got to give it the first nod followed by all the games in sequential order. (WC1 first, WC 2 second...etc).


The movie score was excellent, but WC3 was my choice. The title theme and end credits were awesome, and I really liked the inflight music. WC2 is a close runner-up for me, especially Prince Thrakhath's theme. And I would love to hear the music from WC1 and WC2 performed by an orchestra.


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I've always thought Privateer had the best tracks on it. Especially the ones for New Constantinople, pirate base, agriculture base, and even the really sort of sparse ones of mining base, and New Detroit. I have many of these tracks on cd that I love listening to while driving at night.


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TheRedDuke said:
I would love to hear the music from WC1 and WC2 performed by an orchestra.

I'll second that!

I always hated the privateer music, at least until I got a sound card with a proper wave table. Using the myjemm patch I was able to use windows to direct general midi to sound card.... Wow what a difference. Now I enjoy it, but couldnt find myself just listening to it by itself. (Boy does it sound horrible on a vanilla sb16 isa). Atleast wc 1, 2 sounds good with or without midi. Of course kilrathi saga gave us the reworked versions


Hmm - difficult question. WC4 had the best mood music - it fit the plotline and the essence of the game perfectly in my opinion. That said, I think WC1 and WC2 (which share a good majority of their soundtracks) really created the 'Wing Commander' sound and were perfect for the introductions into the games. I really didn't care so much for Prophecy's music, and I absolutely hated Secret Ops' music (techno is good in its place. In my opinion, WC would not be that place). All in all, all games had their advantages and disadvantages in the soundtrack, and all of them have a lot of meritable musical value in my opinion. I really don't have an answer to this question.

And hey - they may not be 'cannon', but don't forget about UE's or Standoff's music :p

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Yes, Standoff's music is pure gold. Mind some of the UE themes I use as replacement for WC2 music too...

But as far as this selection goes, WC4.


Privateer- Agricultural base, asome. I gess it's because I spent so mutch of my childhood liscening to it. (I litteraly spent years playing without getting bored)


WC3 & privateer

Here's my ranking :

1. WC3 mostly for the music at the end
2. Privateer music was great in the background
3. WC4's movie intro music (not during the rest of the game)
4. WC2 lots of great pieces (my favorite game music at the time it came out)
5. WC1 excellent at the time it came out

the others aren't worth mentioning
(haven't heard the music from Standoff or Unknown Enemy yet though)


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Definitely NOT Prophecy. Oldziey is f------ fantastic (I must cast my vote for WC4), but his tracks from Prophecy are nothing to write home about. I believe he's said something about tension between himself and the developers, differing creative visions and stuff, in interviews. Prophecy's music ain't bad, but Wing Commander has been blessed with some of the best music in computer games period... so Prophecy has some tough competition.


Woops, it looks like I forgot to include Armada in the poll. That's what happens when you rush :eek:.

Interesting responses. I actually expected most people to go for WC4 (probably because it's my favourite :) ) so the large majority for WC3 surprised me. I have to say though, that the WC3 music would definitely be my second choice. The intro was just excellent.

Oh, and the outstanding music from UE and Standoff also deserves a mention. Well done to the guys who made it.


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luminon said:
Woops, it looks like I forgot to include Armada in the poll. That's what happens when you rush :eek:.

You caught me in a benevolent mood, in spite of assorted stupidities at work.

Don't you feel special? :)