Chunky Avenger Ready to Kick Lego Butt (June 20, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
One of John Nelson's original Wing Commander designs a while back was the sturdy Border Worlds Avenger. Although it's super impressive what people can do with Lego bricks, there's always room for improvement, and he's taken a second run at tightening things up a bit. The results look really solid. Most of the hull plating is a bit darker and the major structural elements are bit thicker with more mass. Hit the comment link to let him know what you think!

The last of my Lego updates, the Avenger. I went ground up to give it a more game accurate boxy and thicker look and the front cockpit cover had to change and I found the parts to do it. Enjoy.

Original update published on June 20, 2022


With that color scheme, it looks blacklanceish.

You got a captain america or iron man lego? I would love to see an avenger in an avenger.