Can't Get Enough 3D Prints! (April 2, 2013)


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Klavs is a model making machine! In the weeks since his first color 3D prints have gone live, a swarm of new fighters has been added. The Kilrathi have joined the fray with Gratha, Salthi and Dralthi all available with detailed skin textures. Arrows, Rapiers and Hellcats have also been added, and each has multiple variants to reflect unique squadron markings or slight variations seen in different Wing Commander games. Klavs also continues to constantly tweak the models in order to help make them more affordable for fellow Wingnuts. Find out more at Terran Fleet Supply. Photos of the actual models can be found here and here.

You can definitely clearly see the Confed logo and some placards and details. They're a bit blurry at extremely close range, but they are there! I can't wait for this tech to mature a bit more so you can see every pixel I put into them!

I'm so glad to be able to offer these to the community. It's so cool to have my Hornet on my desk!

Original update published on April 2, 2013
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Richard H

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Beautiful! If you are taking requests, I would love to see the Armada or Academy Wraith. Although I'm sure you'll get more applause from an Excaliber or Dragon. I'm curious who much a Broadsword would be ($$!!).

Something I've been playing with is the idea of two-piece models. The supporting walls would need to be a but thicker to support the weight of the upper shells, but for thunderbolts or longbows, it might make the hollowing part of the project easier. (Can't imagine that would get you much traction on a dralthi)


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Well the models are pretty hollow as is. Obzoiv! The wings are also a bit hollow, but there still has to be some structure in there to keep the thing from being wimpy.

And the goal is, eventually, to get ALL the ships out there Klavsified and ready for printing. It's just gonna take me a while. Stay tuned!


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These look fantastic, is it possible to get smaller ones? I'm thinking of ships 1-2 inches in length?


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These look fantastic, is it possible to get smaller ones? I'm thinking of ships 1-2 inches in length?

Well, I attempted that, but the tolerances on the full color material aren't that tight, so Shapeways can't print them that small. Sorry!


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I badly need to order that!!!
As soon as I get paid I am all over that!

Klavs, just looked at your page, is the duck the one from tailspin??