gh0d (Administrator)
Well, that was useful.

For what, I have no idea.

And given that this is a gaming-oriented (more or less) forum, not to mention Origin's other very famous property besides WC, I somehow doubt that's the one most will think of.


Unknown Enemy
Well, that was useful.
I get the impression it's spam - this guy's got a very similar valentine-related sig to that kateriyan guy spamming yesterday, and he registered at almost the same time.

What I don't get is the purpose of it. I understand it when spammers register to post info about how you can enlarge your penis or buy OEM software. But when they post irrelevant info about the word "avatar" or the world's tallest building, that just drives me crazy thinking about what the heck their agenda is.


Vice Admiral
My thoughts exactly.
Such guys freak me out.

Actually I think some of them are poor people with the asperger syndrome and no friends, and they really think that they are posting something interesting.
But the freaky part of that assumption is: If they think they post something useful, then why do they register different accounts? That says they know that it is dumb and don't want to be recognised.
So they do something similar to George Orwells "Doublethink".

So I don't know whether I should laugh about them and dislike them, or if I should just pity them. Most time I do the latter. Poor guys. I was similar to them, some time ago. (but I didn't have internet back then...)


gh0d (Administrator)
He apparently couldn't wait. He changed his sig to spam a URL, so I changed his account to nonfunctional.