Another Newsgroup Run (August 16, 1998)


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For the second day in a row Boomer covered and answered many questions posters had asked. Here's a summary of the most important info:
Let me make this perfectly clear to everyone: Origin will not sell this info to anyone.True, we are asking for your email address during registration for 2 reasons:1. to email the password required to unlock the executable back to the player (so players will have a 'written' record)2. to offer Wing Commander newsletter type updates *IF DESIRED*. There is a box to check if players do NOT want such upcoming info/updates sent to them.The (demographic) info collected during registration is simply for internal use only and designed to allow OSI to better understand the 'space combat game' market.One more time: ORIGIN IS NOT GOING TO SELL THIS INFO.The episodic missions will be ONLY be available from Origin (and we're including 'permission to distribute must be obtained' type of verbiage to ensure it). Simply because we've gone to a great deal of trouble to make this a unique experience and want people to experience the episodes as they evolve (and are intended to be enjoyed).The executable however (what is needed to play the episodes) will be available from a number of sites.Note the episodic fiction will be presented in HTML (not flash)Will Secret Ops also available in the german language?Yes

Original update published on August 16, 1998
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