Amiga Retro Games Reviews Classic WC Port (October 17, 2014)


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Mind Wipe has posted a video overview of the Amiga version of WC1. The Super Nintendo and Amiga both got ports in 1992, so many players who didn't have access to high end PCs in the early '90s fondly remember these as their first interaction with the franchise - and often 3D space sims in general. Since this was a less common way to play, however, we like to take opportunities like these to share alternate WC experiences. The first visible difference in the Amiga edition is its smaller color palette. Although most things look very similar, the colors look just different enough to cause a double take. Although slightly less advanced than the classic DOS edition overall, there are also a few curious improvements such as rotating fighter images (rather than simple VDU line drawings) in the TrainSim. The music is also a bit different, and you can hear its altered tone throughout the video here.

Original update published on October 17, 2014
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He mentions Wing Commander 1 multiplayer on the Amiga - can anybody confirm this? My first ever experience of WC was on the A600, and I don't remember this being a thing at all.


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Yeah, that's a weird mistake. No idea what he was thinking, since multiplayer is so rare in the series. Armada was ahead of its time when it added multiplayer years later. You've also got Proving Grounds, Prophecy Advance, Arena and that's about it. Really hard to mix one of those up with WC1.
What's really weird is he says he remembers playing it on the Amiga with his uncle. Makes me wonder if he's half remembering some other game that he did that with, maybe even some other space game. Not sure what there was that had system link multiplayer on the Amiga, though, aside from, like, Maze War. Maybe one of those variants of that old multiplayer Star Trek game that was originally for some mainframe, but has been ported to every platform under the sun?


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I first played Wing Commander on an Amiga and I loved it! I didn't even know about WC2 until I got my hands on Freedom Flight and End Run where there was a advert for it in the back. I only got those books As I was living in Germany when my Dad was based there with the British Army and I found them in a book shop on a U.S base. I remember when I first hear WC being played on the PC I thought the music was far superior on the Amiga and still do to till this day.... But saying that it might be because it was how I first encountered WC