3D Printing Library Expands With Even More Ships (February 4, 2021)


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Today we've got another batch of beautiful 3D printed models. These came from the collection of Arrow81, who posted half a dozen well-built ships to his Thingiverse page. Each one is a winner: there's a Vakoth, Paktahn, Darket, Dralthi IV and Excalibur (so he's obviously a WC3 fan!). The original digital files for each of these come from Astrofossil, who we've previously profiled in the news. I noticed that fossil's actually added a few more ships to his armada since the last time we checked. For some time he's been one of the most prolific designers of 3D printable WC models out there, and the results speak for themselves below! Scroll beneath Arrow's pics for links to all of his designs or find his gallery here. If you make a few of your own, send us the pics!

Thanks to elend for the tip! (He's an awesome modeler too!)

Original update published on February 4, 2021


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I don't have printer recommendations and am curious myself. Those look awesome! The Centurion is amazing too. Looking at it closely, should the canopy frame be raised like that?

Thingiverse WC Privateer Centurion Ver3

This may be an original model from the game but not downscaled, found at https://www.wcnews.com/arena/ships.shtml

I suspect that some of the Centurion's inspiration came from the F18 (especially the canted tails). The canopy is very smooth.


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Greetings from the Astrofossil (I haven't been online for far too long. :-( )
I am glad that you like my models.
I hope I will soon find the time to let the missing WC1 cats follow suit.
But I can not promise anything.