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  1. MajorCamKollent

    Converting Videos for iPod

    I'm going on a trip today so last night I had the bright idea of converting the Academy videos I've downloaded from the CIC so I can watch them on my iPod. So, I found a freeware converter, and was able to convert all of the episodes into mpeg-4 format. The videos worked perfectly fine after the...
  2. MajorCamKollent

    The Behemoth, Hvar'kann, and other ships

    I was reading through Star*Soldier and it implies that there were more Behemoth class dreadnoughts produced during the war with the Nephilim. I also think this was mentioned in a previous thread. But, what about Hvar'kann class dreadnoughts. On page 12 in Star*Soldier, there's an article...
  3. MajorCamKollent

    Privateer Online and Privateer 3

    It's been a while since I've looked at the material for these games that almost happened. I'm currently rereading the P3 script, and it looks very neat. Anyways, is the material for these two games still considered part of the Wing Commander continuity since Arena and Star Soldier came out?
  4. MajorCamKollent

    New Babylon 5

    I was browsing the forums at Gateworld(Yes, I know, I wasn't here at CIC, shame on me :p) and I came across a thread about a New Babylon 5. Here's the link to the forum at Gateworld: And here's the link to J. Michael Straczynski's (JMS)...
  5. MajorCamKollent

    Request for meshes

    Hey all, I'm looking for a couple meshes. They are the Gettysburg Class Battle Cruiser and the Eagle Class Light Carrier. It would be nice to have links put up for other WC meshes. To help other fan projects. I know WC 3D hasn't been updated for a while and only has a few classes of...
  6. MajorCamKollent

    Forum Upgrade?

    I just noticed the members who have visited today section at the bottom of the forum. Is that new?
  7. MajorCamKollent


    Does anyone know the number of marines on each capital ship?
  8. MajorCamKollent

    False Virus Alert

    Just a heads up, a couple of the UE files showed up on my viruscan as infected with a virus: wcue_full.exe . The virus is called W95/CTX.
  9. MajorCamKollent

    Episode 4

    I'm just wondering when you guys think Episode 4 will be coming out.
  10. MajorCamKollent

    Firefox skin

    Firefox browser skin You know what would be cool is a Firefox browser skin. I don't have any clue as where to start, but I'm sure there are some users here who can make one.
  11. MajorCamKollent

    Wing Commander Sim

    Does anyone want to start a WC sim at the wingnut# IRC chat? If it's okay with the CIC staff. If you're interedted post here or pm me.