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    AB Fuel

    Does your AB fuel seem to run out faster in this game or is it just me? I seem to be racking up lots of kills on the base assault mission but I end up running about of AB fuel and it is a real pain.
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    Omega Project (Fleet Action)

    What was the Omega Project that Tolwyn referred to in Fleet Action?
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    Found a random WC reference... Not a positive comment, though. Found on Chap. 1, Page 4.
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    How did Hawk know about Casey's father?

    How did Hawk know about Casey's father being killed in that gruesome manner? It was bugging me this morning before class... I know I know the answer but I can't seem to dig it out of my head.
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    Anyone like Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles?

    Just wondering if anyone else liked the show and wanted to talk about it. There's a new DVD coming out... anyone excited?
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    Anyone have some cool Mark Hamill pics?

    I was looking for some for a friend. Anyone got any? I've heard legends about ones where he's intoxicated and wearing a dress.
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    Eh? What's this picture with the Cerberus and a Banshee?

    I sense a subtlety in this image... though I'm not sure why, I get this surreal feeling from it. And who are the people in the foreground?
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    That Chinese WC poster is so cool!

    I've got to get one for myself. Is it for sale anywhere? Though I'm not too big on buying things online...
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    "Spaghetti" Comic

    Wait, that really was in a gaming magazine? That is so... bizarre. Should I gouge my eyes out?
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    About those WC desktop icons!

    Can I have some more please? ^_^
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    What's the ratio of male-female WC fans?

    Just out of curiosity, what is the ratio?
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    Veterans Day

    First off, I think you should all see this. It brought tears to my eyes. Today is Veterans Day, so it’s the time to honor and respect those who served our country on the fields of battle. Take the time to hear their story or just shake their...
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    That Editing Room script thingie...

    Who here actually had the same reactions that the script implied that the fans had? I know that I did at times.
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    Here's a sequel idea for WC...

    I was just kicking this around the other day while writing fanfics. What if Origin decided to go back and do an alternate reality story. I'm thinking, if they did something like that with the Wing Commander movie, why not do it again? So anyway, what if the Behemoth succeeded in its mission...
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    LOAF's Mission and WC4 DVD

    Been reading through the news today. Anybody have any clue what Mr. LOAF went to Texas for? And what is this WC4 DVD I keep hearing about? Is it available for sale?
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    Cadres (PRC Gov't Question)

    Anyone know what a "cadre" is in the government of the People's Republic of China?
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    Mark Hamill (lots of topics)

    I was thinking about Mark Hamill lately. A few topics to think about... 1. What's he up to lately? Is he ever going to reenter the Star Wars universe in any way? Will he finally show up again? And where's Wedge (not our Wedge, the movie Wedge)? 2. What does his family think of his work? Do...
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    What is this?

    What is Wing Commander 3D? Is it a new mod or something of that sort? Or is it another fanfic type thing?