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    Victory WIP

    Time to finish my half-done Victory model! Comments/suggestions?
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    Vaktoth WIP

    Here's what I'm currently working on from time to time, with modeling almost done. Any suggestions?
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    Fralthi II under construction

    My latest project: I'd love to see someone else use this one when I release it! ;) I'm uploading the arrow models atm, I'll post them in the other thread when they're ready.
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    Fralthi II Q

    Does anyone know if the Fralthi II is supposed to have a hangar somewhere?
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    Not liking being accused of making only box models with perfect 90 degree angles, I've also started making an Arrow. It's about 60,000 faces with pretty much only texturing left to do.
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    Kilrathi Dreadnought 2.0

    I've finally finished my Kilrathi Dreadnought 2.0 model! I've never made such a detailed capship before, this one weighs in at over 200,000 faces. I'll have it available for download in a few days, meanwhile, here are some pics :) Perspective 1 Perspective 2 Perspective 3 Front...
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    never say never

    I seem to be getting the taste back for 3d, so I've started doing a new Kilrathi Dreadnought for Maya, here's a WIP: Still alot to do obviously, but I hope to have it ready within a week. I'll of course release it to the public at that time, Tolwyn can do the usual 3ds conversion if he...
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    Got my site back up again

    Got a new site up and running again, not much content at the moment, but I'll get the kilrathi dreadnought and jumpgate models up tomorrow. And who knows, maybe even a Fralthi II in a week or two;) Here
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    The return of the Behemoth

    Here's a litte something I made recently TCS Behemoth BLS Europa I know at least loaf will know where the second pic came from;)
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    tallahasses & dragons

    As I said before, I'd make a dragon next. Here are a few pics of it, and the tallahasse:
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    a few pics

    Here's a few wc pics I made, tell me what you think: Remember to copy the adress and paste it into the...